Monongahela Fire Department .com
Washington County Station 62
451 West Main Street
Monongahela, PA  15063
911 (Emergency Only)
Established 1883       
Membership Information
The volunteers of the Monongahela Fire Department come from every walk of
life.  They are dedicated, committed, and take pride in serving the City of
Monongahela and its residents.  These men and women donate many hours of
their time to community service including answering emergency calls, training
for emergencies, raising funds for the Department, and assisting the City in
other ways so that we all may take pride in our community.

If you live within two miles of our Fire Station and are interested in becoming a
member of the Monongahela Fire Department, please contact us at, or call us at our business
phone number listed above.

Our current membership and officers are listed below.  Please note that an
asterisk (*) denotes lifetime members.
Fire Chief
Frank Hnatik *
Assistant Fire Chief
Joseph Muntan
Hose Captain
Aaron Benney
Hook & Ladder Captain
Steve Bullock
1st Lieutenant
Jeffrey Leezer
2nd Lieutenant
Brian Wier
Jeff Leezer
Vice President
John Dornan*
Aaron Benney
William Hearn *
Fire Police
Robert Kepics, Jack Bullock *
Don DeVore*, John Dornan*,
David Frye Jr.*, Brandon Miller,
Gery Sutherland.
Officers and Appointees
Lauren Benney
Kenneth Cole*
Robert Dattis
Jacob Demchak
Robert Dennis
George DeVore*
David Frye III
Sturgis Gillingham*
Jack Johnston*
David Jones
Aaron Leezer
Daryl Miller
Les Pemberton*
William B. Polonoli*
Wiliam R. Polonoli*
Alan Wareham
Tina Reinstadtler
Keith Woods
Abigail Begandy
(Junior FF)
Additional Membership